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Tuesday: 12 PM - 7 PM

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Sometimes we leave early... It happens... This isn't Wal-Mart, it's a tattoo shop



Established in 1992. Malefic Tattoos now in Hamilton, Ontario, Owned and operated by Fabien Madeleine since inception. Malefic Tattoos always strives for the best client experience possible. We specialize in custom pieces, big or small.

Est. 1992

The Team

Fabien Madeleine

Tattoo Artist/Owner

I have over twenty five years of experience as a tattoo artist. I started Malefic Tattoos in 1992 when tattooing and body piercing wasn't yet as fashionable or accepted as it is today.


I've had a love for art and tattoos since I was very young. I actually got my first tattoo at the ripe old age of 12! (Yeah, I know. My dad took me. Maybe not the best idea, but I think it was destiny.)


I specialize in custom work, realism, and portraits, in black and grey or colour. I frequently work as a guest artist in tattoo shops in Paris, France, and Quebec, and participate in tattoo conventions both local and abroad.


No matter what the tattoo, big or small, I still know that to the person getting it, it's the most important tattoo in the world. This has always been my philosophy.

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Fabien Madeleine

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The Shop

View from the Chair
Malefic Tattoos
Fabien's Harley on Display
Carlos Spicywiener's Station
View of the piercing room
Front Reception
Waiting Area
Fabien Gallery
The Shop


Most Asked


Does it hurt?

     It feels kind of like a bunch of puppies giving you kisses. Only the puppies are actually bees stinging you... and they are also on fire. 

     We can assure you that the artists will feel no pain, but of course it fucking hurts! 



Do I have to come in for a consultation?

     We are not doing in shop consultations at this time,

we are doing everything through email (except for the Tattoo).



Can I book an appointment over the phone, through email or online?

     At this time we are doing everything through email (except for the Tattoo).

so please email us and we'll get you in as soon as we can.


When is the soonest I can book an appointment? 

     This will vary depending on the week. Please send us an email for updated wait times for either artist.


Do you take walk-ins for tattoos?

     Sorry. We're not taking walk-ins at this time. 


Can I skip paying the deposit?

     No, we will not be able to reserve your spot unless you pay the deposit, which is half of the total price of your appointment. (hourly or by the piece)

Can I get my deposit back?

     The deposit that we take is non-refundable. We would be happy to reschedule your appointment to a day that would work better, but if you cancel or do not show up for your appointment we will keep the deposit.



Can I get a price quote for this piece (insert picture here)? 

    At this time we are doing everything through email (except for the Tattoo).

so pricing may vary with sizing, at the time of your appointment.

Pricing may also be done hourly (see artist rates below)

The minimum price for a tattoo at Malefic is $150 (tax not included).

How much do the artists charge an hour?

     For an hour with Fabien is $175/hour (tax not included).

The artist may also decide to charge based on the piece, not the hourly rate. 

Do you make custom designs?

Most of what we do at Malefic is custom pieces. That being said, to have a large piece created we charge a design fee of $50 (Tax not included). Another thing to be mentioned is that the design will remain property of Malefic Tattoos until the tattoo is completed. 


Can I get a tattoo even though I'm under 18?

     If you are 16 or 17, to get a tattoo at Malefic we require a legal guardian to be present at the appointment because they must sign the waiver on your behalf.

     If you are under the age of 16 or do not have a legal guardian with you we will NOT tattoo you!

I'm pregnant/breastfeeding, can I still get a tattoo?

     we will not tattoo you if you are either of these things. It isn't worth the risk. 

Will you tattoo fingers/hands/bottoms of feet?

     Yes, we will tattoo these areas of the body. However, we do not offer free touchups on these tattoos. These areas on the body exfoliate faster than other areas on your body, so they will begin to fade in as little as a few weeks. You will be reminded of this if you come in to book.

Do you do free touchups?

     Yes we do offer free touchups on tattoos done at this shop. You should wait about a month after healing before inquiring about a touch up, and you will need to come in to the shop so the artist can take a look.

     As mentioned before, we will not do free touchups on fingers, hands or the bottoms of feet. 

Will you do a coverup tattoo?

     Both of our artists are amazing at coverup tattoos and would be more than happy to cover up any regrettable tattoos.


How long do I have to keep the bandage on?

     Do your best to keep the bandage on for 20-24 hours, and do not re-bandage.

How should I clean my new tattoo?

     You should wash your tattoo in warm water and use a mild, unscented soap such as Baby Dove or fragrance-free Ivory. Make sure not to soak your tattoo, so avoid baths or pools if your tattoo would be submerged, for at least 7-14 days. Once it has been washed, pat it dry;DO NOT RUB!


Should I moisturize my new tattoo?

     Absolutely! You must moisturize your new tattoo, especially when it begins to feel tight or dry. Make sure you are using either an unscented lotion, such as Aveeno unscented, or the recommended aftercare product, Hustle Butter or Vitamin E ointment.

     Make sure to not over moisturize! If you apply too much, simply just dab off the excess with a clean paper towel.

I'm about to go on a tropical vacation, can I have my brand new, unhealed tattoo directly in the sun?

     NO! UV Rays will damage and fade your new tattoo. Avoid direct exposure to the sun for at least 2 weeks. 

How long will it take my tattoo to heal?

     The average heal time for a tattoo completely is 6 weeks, but it varies depending on the person and how well you care for it. But you can begin doing more with your tattoo after the 2 week mark.

My tattoo is red and inflamed, is that normal?

     For the first few days you may experience this which is completely normal, but if it persists make sure to come in and get it checked out by one of the artists. 

What are some things I shouldn't do with my new tattoo? 

  • DO NOT pick or scratch your tattoo

  • DO NOT pick off the scabs

  • DO NOT soak your tattoo

  • DO NOT use scented products on it

  • DO NOT shave over your tattoo

  • DO NOT expose it to direct sunlight or tanning beds

  • DO NOT use medicated ointments, Polysporin or Vaseline


First Tattoo

Should I eat before my appointment?

     Yes! Make sure that you have a proper meal before your appointment. Even if you're nervous and don't feel like you can eat, you have to. If you don't, you run the risk of fainting, and no one wants that to happen.

     You can also bring something such as a chocolate bar to eat if you start feeling faint, just to get your blood sugar back up. 

Can I bring something to drink?

     Sorry no drink or food at this time

What should I wear?

     Ensure that you wear clothes that allow for the artist to get to the area you are getting tattooed. Try to avoid anything too tight, that may result in discomfort, and keep in mind that ink stains clothes!

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We are now a private studio 

in the heart of Hamilton.

by appointment only.

Tel: 905-813-7309

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