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Hamilton's Malefic Tattoos
Services & Pricing


Malefic Tattoos is a fully custom design tattoo studio. All you need to do is bring us your idea. We'll sit down together and collaborate on your  unique design to bring your vision to life.

If you have your own design that's ready to go, that's cool too! 



Tattoo pricing includes Consultation, Design, Layout and Execution. All tattoos are priced by the hour.

  • The hourly rate for tattoo work is $175/hr


The final price is dependent on the size and complexity of the piece. 

It can be difficult to quote custom tattoos to the penny as it doesn't work the same as choosing a templated design for X dollars.

We will do our best to give you a ballpark number.​


Custom vs Template Tattoos

Custom tattoos require a lot of preparatory work because of the unique elements within the design. Depending on complexity, custom tattoos can involve significant amount of time for consultation, design and actual tattooing.  

Templated tattoos or "Flash" Tattoos are images that are ready to be tattooed immediately without any design work required.


Breakdown of Custom Tattoos Creation  

  1. Conceptual Design

  2. Element Framework & Arrangement

  3. Sizing & Placement

  4. Execution  


Custom tattoos are completely unique and specifically designed for each customer. You'll be confident in the knowledge that you have your very own piece of original art work with you every day. 

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