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Hamilton's Malefic Tattoos

By Fabien

Malefic is a by-appointment custom tattoo studio featuring the artwork of Fabien Madeleine. His dedication to technique and high standards have earned him a reputation for creative conceptual designs. 


Fabien's tattoo skill set was honed for over 30 years at the Malefic Tattoo shop. After 3 decades of extensive tattoo experience, he has worked with all major tattoo styles and many of the varied sub categories.


Fabien is an Expert Tattoo Artist specializing in 

Realism (photo/hyper/micro) | Portrait & Memorials

| Cover-ups (full/partial) |


Malefic is a private studio that is by appointment only.

There is no walk-in store front. Everything is done by appointment.

Initial consultations are done by email. From there, design consultations will be done in-person by appointment. 


Booked appointments are subject to a deposit of 50% of first appointment rate to hold the date. 


Professional Consultation 


Malefic is committed to guiding you through the tattoo process to be sure the end result is everything you expect and more. 


The presentation and appearance of a tattoo is everything. The placement, flow, organization and colour development of a tattoo must be carefully planned and executed to achieve the desired visual effect. These design elements of every tattoo will be thoughtfully discussed ahead of time with the skill and knowledge that comes from years of experience.


Malefic is a Custom Shop

We don't have catalogues of ready-made tattoo designs. Each design that emerges from Malefic will be completely unique to the clients vision. 

In addition to Fabien's wide expanse of design experience, he is very well known for his talent in the more challenging categories of realism, portraits and cover-ups.



For the comfort and  Safety of All Clients at Malefic 

We reserve the right to refuse service for any of the following reasons:

  • Fabien is open to creating almost any piece of artwork. However, Malefic will absolutely NOT tattoo anything that is meant to spread hatred or demean others.

  • We will not check the grammar, spelling or attempt to interpret any wording in a different language. So please make sure you proofread with an interpreter before making it part of your design.

  • Please arrive sober. If you arrive at the studio intoxicated, we would need to reschedule your appointment for another time. Your deposit will be forfeited.

  • If you are immunocompromised or pregnant/nursing, we recommend waiting  or asking a doctor for clarification so that your safety will not be at risk. 


Our Commitment to Safety Protocols 


Tattoos are a form of medical procedure, which means the same level of attention and care must be taken to guard against the potential of cross-contamination.

We keep ourselves apprised of new methods, techniques and safety procedures - and implement anything that can further protect those with whom we work. 


Hygienic Equipment & Workstation


Tattoo stations are cleaned before and after every appointment. New sealed equipment (needles, gloves, sanitary utensils) are used for all appointments and after breaks within appointments. 


We abide by all code of conduct for regulatory health and safety boards of our municipality and federal guidelines. 


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