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Malefic Custom Tattoos 
Established in 1992

"People don't choose to be artists. Art chooses them"
~ Fabien

The History of Fabien Madeleine's Malefic Tattoos


First Ink
(1982 - 1992)

It could be said that Fabien's passion for tattooing dates back to his 12th birthday when he received his first tattoo.(more on this here). This would begin Fabien's fascination for artwork and design. It would be just under a decade before his professional tattoo career would begin but the seed was definitely planted on that first day!

This passion would lead to a sink or swim leap into tattooing. Fabien taught himself the fundamentals of tattooing, eventually opening Malefic Tattoos.

Fabien at 22_edited.jpg

Malefic Tattoos
(1992 - 2021)  

In early 1992 Fabien would create his first professional piece of artwork at the Malefic Tattoos studio on Thomas Street in Streetsville, Mississauga.


Fabien's career has spanned three transformative decades in the tattoo industry. From a time when tattoos were still considered an underground culture to a time when prime time TV shows featured the art form on the biggest stages around the world. 



The evolution of social acceptance, the development of tattoo related technology and the advancement of artistic tattoo techniques, launched this art form into the mainstream.


Fabien's Malefic Tattoo Studio Hamilton
(2021 - Present)

After 32 years operating the very busy Malefic Tattoo shop in Streetsville, Fabien and his partner Alexandra relocated to Hamilton for the next stage of Malefic Tattoos.


Malefic tattoo studio caters to those looking for completely custom artwork projects in a myriad of tattoo style categories.

Fabien is specifically sought after for his proficiency in the tattoo disciplines of Realism, Portrait Memorialization and Cover-ups.

Hamilton's Malefic By Fabien tattoo studio was built from the ground up wth dedication to the process and art form of tattooing. Malefic is a studio where you and Fabien work collaboratively on the artwork vision you have in mind.


Fabien's view for the next phase of Malefic was to transition from a busy shop environment with tight timelines and administrative requirements to a more relaxed art-centric studio where, as always, tattoo conceptualization with the client is the main focus.

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