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  • Is every Malefic Tattoo a custom design?
    We are a full custom design studio. Our work is done to the specifications of the client. We do not have a catalogue of flash tattoos or ready-made designs.
  • What is the specialty of Fabien Madeleine's Malefic Tattoos?
    Fabien is renowned for his work in Realism (Photo, Hyper, Micro), Portrait work and Cover-ups. His work has touched virtually every style of tattoo during his career, but the majority of his requests continue to these 3.
  • Are tattoos safe?
    Standard governing regulations, practices and safety equipment have made the process of tattooing an eminently safe procedure. The studio at Malefic is committed to the highest level of hygienic protocols and practices.
  • Where is the Malefic Tattoo Studio located?
    Malefic is a private studio located in the heart of Hamilton, Ontario.
  • Will a tattoo fade?
    Yes, Tattoos will fade as a result of the following: The lymphatic system of each individual Sun exposure Age and skin elasticity Your tattoo is permanent and will always be there, however, the brightness and sharpness will fade to a degree.
  • How much does a tattoo with Fabien Madeleine cost?
    Fabien's hourly rate for 2024 is $175/hr. Depending on the piece - and at Fabien's sole discretion - range quotes may be offered to provide an idea for large scale pieces.
  • Does Malefic offer touch ups?
    This is situation dependent, but yes. We want to be sure every Malefic Tattoo presents brilliantly in all its glory. If a tattoo has a rendering issue - please contact the studio so that we can assess and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Does getting tattooed hurt?
    Tattoos are applied with the use of a rotary machine (commonly referred to as a needle or gun) that punctures your skin up to 3,000 times within a minute in some cases; so yeah - it's not a spa experience. Pain tolerance will differ with every person. Some people will fall asleep during their appointments, while others have been known to pass out, it all depends. If you have difficulty with needles at the doctor's office - tattoos will challenge you. Having said that, tattoo equipment has improved considerably in the last 3 decades, making them much smoother and less irritating than previous technology.
  • Do you take Walk-ins?
    No, we are an appointment-only custom tattoo studio - everything is planned in advance. Please do not show up to the studio without advance notice.
  • How long has Fabien Madeleine been tattooing?
    Fabien is currently in his 33rd year as a professional tattoo artist.
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