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Fabien Madeleine's Malefic Tattoo Experience

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Old shop - Malefic Tattoos 1992 to 2021

New and Improved - Malefic Private Studio 2021 to Present

"I will be eternally grateful for the years of trust and support the Malefic shop received during our time in Streetsville. I hope to continue to grow and build on that in my new home of Hamilton" ~ Fabien

Over 32 Years of Experience

There is a distinct difference between someone who tattoos and Tattoo Artists. The craft of tattooing can be taught, just like anything else. But, like any artwork discipline, there are people with an innate talent for creating specific types of art. 

The doors to Malefic opened in 1992 and over the next 32 years, Fabien would create artwork for more than 15,000 people. The people of Streetsville, Mississauga and Western Greater Toronto area kept Fabien consistently busy and challenged. For an artist, that is all one can ask.

Master Tattoo Artist

For anyone who has been working in their chosen field for more than 30 years, you often forget just how much work one must put in to be successful. If one thinks about the 10,000 hour expert rule to master anything, Fabien has done his 10,000 hours several times over.

Fabien's level of experience, breadth of the work and stylistic capability was amassed over 3 decades. He has accumulated thousands of hours as an artist behind the needle. And, while he's reticent to admit it, Fabien Madeleine is a Master Tattoo Artist.

Community & Guest Work

Tattooing has provided him with a lifelong connection not only the tattoo community but also the community as a whole. Since the 1990's, Fabien has been invited to tattoo conventions, competitions and guest artist spots across Canada and within Europe.

Fabien's Commitment to Artistry

Fabien's inner drive and level of expectation for his artwork is what earns him the trust of those he tattoos.  He is committed to consistently hone his craft with a desire for continual improvement. In his role as a master tattoo artist, he has instilled these beliefs in the many apprentices he has taught over the years.

Sharing Knowledge

"I owe a lot to Fabien at Malefic Tattoos for going out on a limb, giving me a chance, and taking me under his wing." ~ Keira Tidmand, Tattoo Artist

"Fabien taught me to tattooing back in 2012. Fabien was an awesome teacher. He was extremely attentive and made sure I had an understanding of the history, technical aspects and business of tattooing. I so appreciated how hands on and directly involved he was every step of the way.This many years in and I wouldn't be where I am without him." ~ Sam Tyson, Owner/Artist @sillygoosetattoo

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