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Cover-up Tattoos Require an Experienced Eye for Detail Covering a previously done tattoo with new artwork is arguably the most challenging of tattoo creations. It involves detailed assessment and consultation to determine if the new design will be possible. It's important to choose an artist who is skilled enough to perform the tattoo, and professional enough to speak up if the desired result cannot be achieved. Tattoo Cover-up Options - Working with Existing Elements A complete cover-up may not be the only option available to you. This is why comprehensive consultations about the new design - with an experienced tattoo cover-up artist - are crucial. Sometimes the existing design just needs to be reworked and updated. images/videos What Should You Know About Getting A Cover-up Tattoo? A Cover-up tattoo will always take a lot more time to complete. In all situations - the new tattoo will be significantly larger than the existing tattoo. The original artwork plays a significant role in what will be possible for the cover-up design's resulting appearance. Your colour choices will be immediately limited by the elements making up the previous tattoo. Old and faded tattoos are easier to work with in a cover-up situation Covering up a Tattoo? Consult with an artist, first.. Cover-up tattoos are the only type of tattoo where you should speak with an artist before you choose the new design. Consulting with an artist to assess the original tattoo first, will ensure you know what new artwork will be attainable. Selecting a design before getting the original tattoo evaluated may end up in disappointment before you even get started. Looking for a Cover-up Tattoo Assessment? You're in Luck! Some of Fabien's most impressive and talked about designs have been cover-up artwork. Book A Cover-up Review With Fabien

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