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Photo Realistic Portrait Tattoos - Stylistic Remembrances Since 1992 - Portraiture artwork has been among Fabien Madeleine's most requested tattoo styles. Portrait tattoos memorialize, honour or pay tribute to those who matter most to us. There is a heightened level of expectation for portrait artwork. Trusting a tattoo artist to pay homage to someone who is all important to you, is not easy - and Fabien Madeleine is extremely mindful of this responsibility. Photorealistic Portraits Merge Many Tattoo Design Techniques It's no surprise Photo-realistic portraits are such a popular tattoo choice. Photo realism artwork features elegant details and tattoo techniques that draw the expressiveness of human features to the forefront. images/videos What Should You Know When Selecting a Photorealistic Portrait Tattoo Artist? The absence of line work. Photorealistic portrait tattoos harness the power of Layers, Light Reflection and Shading - to build the depth, framing, and pronouncement - of lifelike features. In Portrait Realism the focal point is accentuated by carefully balanced supportive elements to draw the viewer's attention with deliberate intent. The art is in the details. Realism Portraits capture facial subtleties of the person, including: skin tone, textures, expressions, dimension and proportions to achieve an unmistakably authentic looking depiction. Fabien Madeleine's Photorealistic Portrait Design Work Malefic tattoos (Fabien) is renowned for Realism Tattoo design. Over the last 30+ years his portrait design artwork numbers in the thousands. Tattooing Portrait Realism interweaves overlapping tattoo style elements to capture the intricacies of artful representation. Fabien's experience in all forms of Realism is extensive and varied. His ability to capture Tattoo Realism concepts comes from decades of experience - identifying and using subtle nuances to actualize stunningly true to life - three dimensional appearance. Tattoo portraits are a beautiful way to carry a cherished memory with you - always. Book A Portrait Tattoo Consultation With Fabien

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