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World War 1 Memorial Tattoo in Detailed Realism

Tatto Type:

Shoulder to Elbow - Half Sleeve

Tattoo Style - Photo and Portrait Realism

Hours to Complete - 25.5 hours

The Malefic Custom Tattoo feature six distinct elements. These elements are assembled in layers to depict a single piece of artwork that has multiple focal points surrounding the portrait as the core image.

This custom tattoo was produced with 6 images, two of which were from photos taken in June of 1919. This tattoo utilizes a combination of photo and portrait realism.

Tattoo Placement and Composition -

The client originally wanted the tattoo to be placed on the forearm. The assessment during the consultation revealed the number and size of the elements would not display well in that space. The tattoo was then moved from the forearm to the shoulder.

The centrepiece of this tattoo design is the portrait. This was the first and the last elements the tattoo to be created. The supporting imagery leads the eye to the portrait focal point of the piece.

"I really enjoyed working with these historical photographs into this beautiful memorial for Jay. I've done a lot of this type of tribute memorial and each time they emerge as something entirely unique to the individual." ~Fabien

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