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Realism - The Photo Realistic Tattoo Realism tattoo artwork is among the most demanding of tattoo styles. Its use of intricate detail and balancing light requires a discerning, observant eye. Realism tattoos require more time and work than most tattoo styles, because it blends several techniques to achieve the lifelike appearance. The Realism tattoo style is just as it states: it's artwork that mimics real life by capturing the essence of details, the use of light and the depth of multi-dimensional impression. The Realism Tattoo style consists of several sub categories: Photo | Hyper | Portrait | Black & Grey | Morphed 3 Things to Look for In Realism Tattoo Artist Managing Shadows - Light Design The use of light and shadows are imperative to establishing multi-dimensional appearance and depth. Mapping of shadows and contrast balance is imperative to managing the position of focal elements. Subtle Features - Detail Work Realism tattoos focus on the polished expression of details. A masterful command of features allows for the subtle appearance of things like fur, whiskers, feathers in animals or eyelashes, beards, laugh lines and lips in humans. Looking in - Depth & Texture Creating tattoos that are truly lifelike involves layers to establish depth and dimension. In the case of Realism, the tattoo is essentially built on top of itself, using previous layers to establish the full effect of presence. Do You Have a Custom Realism Tattoo in Mind? Realism artwork has been a mainstay of Fabien's tattoo creations since 1992. Reach out to us to make your tattoo dreams a reality.

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